Over the past several years now, I have been blessed to be able to preach God’s word, teach the lost, and travel the world. What I have discovered, is that doing all three at once is a passion of mine. This blog is about all three!

  1. Living in the U.S.ofA. allows us so many privileges that it is easy to become complacent in our efforts to grow; not just personal growth, but the growth of the kingdom. Traveling has allowed me to reach, and be edified by, others from different backgrounds and upbringings.  Leaning from them about their thoughts, questions, issues, worries and strengths has strengthened my own faith. I hope to be able to strengthen yours.
  2. In this world there is great darkness, not greater than the past, but most definitely more publicized. TV, Music, Movies, the News, our Schools, etc., glorifies sin, teaches Biblical error, and perverts the good message of God’s Word to a point that those of us who hold fast to it are persecuted. I hope to bring light to the darkness, so that all may know the truth.

Why “Bow Tie Preacher?” To put it in the words of Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, because, “Bow Tie’s are cool,” and my youngest daughter agrees. Four years ago, she purchased my first bow tie, and I have been wearing them, but more importantly preaching in them ever since.

One more thing, and then I’ll let you go: If you do not understand a teaching, disagree with a principal, or want to know more – reach out to me so we can study.

The Bow Tie Preacher